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How My Pet Warehouse worked with WebSell to create one of Australia’s favourite online pet stores.

Australian pet retailer My Pet Warehouse got up and running quickly with WebSell and continues to see massive growth

My Pet Warehouse began working with WebSell over 10 years ago and has been at the forefront of many developments in the e-commerce industry. They’ve built a strong relationship with WebSell that’s based around the continued success of their online store. Read on for the full story.

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One of
Australia’s Leading Pet Retailers

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Well-known Australian pet retailer

My Pet Warehouse is an Australian pet retailer that stocks a huge range of pet supplies and accessories both online and in-store. Offering one of the largest selections of pet food in Australia, My Pet Warehouse is a favored pet store by many. They’ve achieved huge success due to the symbiotic relationship between their in-store and online systems.

With 13 brick and mortar stores across Australia, connecting their e-commerce functionality to each physical was a primary concern for the business when seeking an e-commerce partner. My Pet Warehouse found WebSell over 10 years ago when looking for the best e-commerce solution that could connect to Microsoft RMS.

“We found it to be a really cool e-commerce platform that had everything we needed. We then turned it from a turn-key solution into a fully fledged online store.” – Andy Danks, E-commerce Manager at My Pet Warehouse.

My Pet Warehouse got their site online quickly and solved the challenge of delivering a unified commerce solution. With each physical location connected to their website, stock and sales data synchronized across touchpoints. This meant customers knew what was in stock and where, meaning they’d never sell an item that they didn’t have in stock.

We never really had any problems when getting set up. Despite being in different time zones, WebSell is always very responsive and the whole process has been pretty seamless overall.

Andy Danks,
E-commerce Manager at My Pet Warehouse

Modern challenges, modern solutions

My Pet Warehouse wanted their e-commerce solution to work for them. Working with WebSell’s development and services teams, retailer and platform provider collaborated to deliver a feature-set that would drive one goal, making more online sales.

They had a specific look and feel and site structure in mind when getting their online store up and running. Creating a seamless and simple shopping experience was the topline goal when creating their e-commerce site.

“We wanted a structure where we could categorize products by animal; dog, cat, etc. We worked with WebSell to create this structure, and it was fairly seamless. It makes shopping for pet food online as simple as possible.” – Andy Danks, E-commerce Manager at My Pet Warehouse.

My Pet Warehouse and WebSell would continue to work on a number of features that worked particularly well for pet food retailers. Many of the features included developing integrations to third-party products like Bazaarvoice, Bronto, Klaviyo, and Braintree.

Solving a major challenge for My Pet Warehouse, WebSell also worked with the retailer to develop a subscription ordering and repeat delivery feature. For customers who order the same items regularly, like pet owners, this feature secured future revenue for My Pet Warehouse and gave more flexibility to its customers.

We could always find a solution for a problem with WebSell. Whenever we pitched a customization to WebSell, they’ve been receptive to our ideas and we’ve always worked on customizations to better the product for both ourselves and others.

Andy Danks,
E-commerce Manager at My Pet Warehouse

Delivering success

The successful partnership between My Pet Warehouse and WebSell has stood the test of time. Having worked together for over 10 years, the proof of success can be seen in the results.

“We’ve probably done over a couple of million orders over our journey and there’s been virtually no downtime during that period. We’ve had a pretty good run I think.” – Andy Danks, E-commerce Manager at My Pet Warehouse.

Your online site is only as good as how much traffic you have. For My Pet Warehouse, their site has been steadily growing for years, with at least 10% traffic growth often seen. WebSell’s fully responsive and SEO-friendly webstores ensure our e-commerce sites rank highly on Google and continue to appear at the top of search query pages.

My Pet Warehouse and WebSell have built a successful e-commerce partnership based around success and measurable performance-based statistics. The pet retailer is looking forward to their journey and tackling the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce.

I could hand on heart recommend WebSell to anyone who’s looking for an e-commerce platform. Especially if you’re looking for something that’s agile and will allow you to come out of the gate at a rate of knots. If your POS is supported by WebSell, then it’s a no-brainer for anyone to choose them.

Andy Danks,
E-commerce Manager at My Pet Warehouse

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